I joined the faculty of CU Boulder’s Program in Environmental Design (ENVD) in 2016 after completing my doctoral studies at UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design (CED), where I wrote my dissertation on the transnational politics of Iran's architecture profession.

In my research, I study contentious political engagement by design professionals. Through in-depth interviews, participant observation, and analyzing texts, I investigate ways dissenters shape and mobilize power towards justice causes. While the focus of my work is on emerging activist groups and coalitions of designers, my research has led me to study community-engaged design as activism and counter-hegemonic movements by professionals. And though my focus is on architects, these inquiries have led me to consider the work of landscape architects, planners, and civil and environmental engineers, as related spatial professions whose work, institutions, and activism often overlap with architecture’s. My work contributes to histories and theories of architecture practice, social movements, and professions and relies on ethnographic methods. My current projects are on dissent in the design professions and the ethics of community engagement by designers.

I teach courses on dissent in design, the ethics of design for social change, research methods in city and regional planning, and design and planning studios.

What else… when I’m not pahloosh, reading, writing, or teaching, I’m chasing a husky named Baran around the mountains or I’m on the mat (tapping out nine times of ten). More than happy to chat: you can find me hiding behind the bookshelves at the Trident, Innisfree, or on the Boulder Public Library bridge.

My faculty profile is on my ENVD page

To set up a time to chat, grab a time here or send me an email.